Fix Your Van

Vans are more than a vehicle they are a way of life. While a car can say a lot about a person, it is rarely customized beyond a general body paint and some bumper stickers a van, on the other hand, can be a true work of art as the owner puts a little of himself into the design of his vehicle and slowly transforms into a personal statement. However, there are some issues when it comes to repairing and maintaining vans as sometimes the parts are hard to find. This has led to the culture of van dismantlers, who know where to find those parts, and usually track what everyone has so they can better replace parts as needed. It is thanks to them that so many vans are still on the road.

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The Culture

Vans are still an important part of youth culture as well as the transport business. While trucks can carry more, vans can be more easily secured against theft. This means that you can carry a lot of cargo, especially if it is well organized, and keep it secure even in sketchy areas. Combined with its relatively easy to maintain status, as a van can take a lot of damage before it is considered even damaged, and businesses love using vans for business. Young people love vans because they offer the opportunity to carry instruments and party supplies relatively covertly as well as offering a mobile party platform. All of this makes vans a great vehicle that can be used for fun and profit. 

The Essential Paradox

You would think that something as relatively ubiquitous as vans would be easy to find parts for. However, vans are beginning to disappear from the roads due to their size and general lack of fuel economy Most vans are horrible when it comes to fuel consumption and their size makes its hard to find parking spots. Their utility still makes them popular, especially among bands. Vans usually do not last long in lots, and any van put up for sale usually gets sold quickly. This means that few vans are left lying around to become parts, unless bought specifically for that purpose this makes it hard for van dismantlers to have vans that they can use for parts. Thus, you have a somewhat popular vehicle with a small secondary parts markets and most companies seem to keep parts for vans in stock only grudgingly.

Maintenance and Repairs

This makes maintenance and repair of vans hard to do. Parts always seem to be on order, and so repairs take longer than other vehicles. Because the parts are difficult to find it means that the vans need themselves need to be kept in great condition in order to avoid having to order parts for the vehicles. The difficulty in finding parts for even basic maintenance means that van dismantlers are always looking for vans on the block that may be difficult to sell due to their cosmetic condition but whose insides are still in pretty good condition. When such a vehicle is found, van dismantlers are willing to pay pretty well for the vehicle, which is quickly reduced to just the skin as it is dismantled for parts, which are quickly sold.

In short, van dismantlers provide a much a needed service for a much loved vehicle. They are able to find the parts needed to keep vans on the road even when no one else can. If you are looking for some needed parts, they are probably the first people you should ask as they are likely to have what you need, or at least know where to find it.